3D Mink Kashmere lash strips ~ Ultra Black ~ Magnetic looks

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Our Kashmere lash collection created by Fabulash by Penny, is unique to my personal lash line of Kashmere lashes, the sophisticated designs are meant to feel comfortable while giving you the beautiful full look you desire.

Our HIGH QUALITY 3D  Luxury mink eyelashes are made with tapered tips and hand made to perfection!

About them:

Kashmere Mink Lash Collection are handcrafted, triple stacked, the tapered fibers create the appearance of real mink fur.

The placement of the lashes are on a thin cotton band  and made with three intricate layers, which help accentuate the fluffiness of the lash, all while giving you the drama in a soft and dark black look.

These lashes are high-quality and durable, you do not need mascara, and they are wearable for 1 to 20 times, or 25 if taken care of with the utmost care.

The  pen liner is a proper method to use to ensure there is not too much adhesive and the natural state of the strip is not compromised.


These lashes are cruelty-free, made our secret fibers and carefully placed on a cotton band.

Fabulash by Penny Kashmere Lash Line was created by Penny Marchand with the idea of creating a line that was earth friendly and comfortable enough to wear with high quality in mind.

How to USE:

-Remove from packaging.
-Wiggle band to loosen.
-Measure against eye.
-Apply Pen glue.
-Apply lashes.


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