Chocolate BROWN Kashmere Lashes D curl .15

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SUPER sexy Chocolate, MATTE and No shine Sexy Kashmere lashes!

These lashes are a .15 in visual but really are a 0.03 in weight. The Multi trays are in a range from 9mm to 15mm and are not labelled and therefore, tipping the tray to the side will show you the lengths.

Snake tongue tips are seen through microscopic glasses and after applied and brushed.

These lashes are made with a extreme high quality PBT fiber that keep a curl and remain super soft.

Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is a high performance engineering polymer.

It's more expensive, trickier to colour and manufacture but lashes made from this material are soft, strong and have a gorgeous, Matte finish.

PBT, is a texturized yarn fiber material, fiber with a natural stretch and recovery properties, similar to that of spandex.

It is the new and most expensive type of lash in the industry.