Kashmere Elite Adhesive

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Kashmere Elite Adhesive
by Penny Marchand

Eyelash Adhesive (Professional use only)

Quick drying professional grade adhesive, drying times of 1-2 seconds.
Strongest bonding adhesive when contacted with human eyelash.

Retention 6 -7 weeks.

70 - 85 Temp

45 - 75 RH

Colour - Liquid Black
No fumes
Ideal for sensitive eyes.

MSDS Sheets Available for your Salon if requested.

NOT intended for lash strips, this adhesive is designed for professional application of eyelash extensions only.

Did you know that CLEAN and PRIME lashes hold longer? As long as they are adhere to the base of the Natural lash!

The speed of adhesive matters too..The faster drying time of the adhesive, the less time you have to get to the lash before it is already starting to dry. The farther away the adhesive the more time you need, same as doing the opposite eye, the adhesive is on the opposite side of the client ) point to ponder)

Just an FYI... ALL adhesive that companies sell are formaldehyde Free ( every single one).. Formaldehyde starts in EVERY adhesive AFTER used, that is what makes it hard and it is a necessary ingredient. The doses that it creates after are so low that it cannot be detected but we know it is there because we need that component to make the cure process harden... Don't let companies tell you otherwise!.. We as people have formaldehyde in our bodies too, in our blood and stomach etc... Should a company tell you otherwise, ask for a MSDS sheet and google the ingredients and what they do and the level of formaldehyde they create after the use...